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We are passionate about Nashville and passionate about our properties. The rental market has changed, and there are so any exciting, wonderful opportunities for both owners and tenants. The inventory of rental properties has grown to include one of Nashville’s hippest offerings and Village Property Management is the authority when it comes to managing unique and cool properties. The market has also developed a vibrant and qualified pool of tenants. They turn to Village to find the best home

Using innovation, we provide management solutions to connect owners and tenants. From maintenance to on-line portals and marketing, we create a streamlined approach making the entire management process easy. Our systems allow for seamless and straightforward transactions for both tenants and owners.

Our team of experts are just that. We have the city’s most results-oriented property managers. They are committed to resolving problems and creating a harmonious rental process. They have experience in all areas including new construction leasing, corporate housing, and residential leasing. They can help with short and long-term strategies.

Our property managers are on-call and easily accessible anytime. They are here, and ready to work with you.

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Tenant Services

Working with the Nashville area’s hippest and coolest properties, we represent the places you want to live. Whether you are looking for a sleek, new high-rise or a historic home full of character, we have the place for you. As a tenant, you will also enjoy our easy-rent systems such as on-line e-pay, on-line maintenance requests and full tenant ledger services. Our property managers are committed to making your renting experience easy and fun!

Owner Services

Renting your place is easy with Village Property Management. Let us connect you with a tenant pool of great, qualified renters. Life is easy with our full-service marketing, showing and reporting services. It is our goal to simplify your life with concise monthly reporting and quick turn-around time for income disbursement.

Association Services

What Village PM offers is the same administrative and financial services that many other association management companies in the middle Tennessee area can offer. The difference in Village PM is how we accomplish these services. In our mind it’s all about communication, transparency, and an understanding that each association is as unique as the members that make it up. Prompt and competent customer service is priority number one and those principles are what we are building our association management company around.

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Working with the Nashville area’s hippest and coolest properties, we represent the places you want to live. Whether you are looking for a sleek, new high-rise or a historic home full of character, we have the place for you. As a tenant, you will also enjoy our easy-rent systems such as on-line e-pay, on-line maintenance requests and full tenant ledger services. Our property managers are committed to making your renting experience easy and fun!

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Marissa Watson

Property Managers

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Carol Rice

Property Managers

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Quinton Horner

Director of Association / Legal

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Casey Moynihan

Leasing Agent

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Brad Sanders

Transaction Manager


Christy Ikner

Facilities Manager


Jenn Garrett



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  • Marissa,


    Thank you so much for your help this past month. This house is incredible and exceeds all of our expectations. I’m absolutely in love <3 I also wanted to thank you for your kindness and work ethic that has made this entire moving experience a breeze. I went ahead and referred you and Village PM to a handful of my coworkers who are looking for new homes sometime in the near future.


    Best wishes!


    Londyn and Jordan

    Londyn Eberhardt
  • Marissa,

    Tom & I can’t thank you enough for everything, you truly are a blessing!!!



    Thank you so much for making the connection with Marissa she has been AMAZING to work with!!


    To Whom It Concern:

    My husband & I would like to review for Marissa she has been truly a God send from start to finish!!

    Please see below:


    Anyone looking for assistance with rental property I highly recommend Marissa from start to finish she has been amazing!! She has a true knowledge of the market from marketing, pricing, & communicates well with all party’s.

    We have used her for 2 transactions & we look forward to working with her on further transactions in the future.


    Thanks again!!!


    Abby Dray
  • Hi Christy,

    Just wanted to let you know that my roommates and I really appreciated the prompt attention and service we recently received when we reported an issue with our furnace. The problem appears to have been resolved.

    Thanks again!

    Gwen Minton
  • Carol,

    I wanted to take a moment to provide you with the reference information. Our family really enjoyed the time we spent at the rental home your group was supporting as leasing and property management company for. Our time there was pleasant and we greatly appreciate how well you and your team took care of our needs. The leasing process from viewing to lease document signing was easy and quick. The payment process and maintenance request on line was very efficient and extremely helpful. The entire process through to move out with you has been professional and well handled. Thank you and your team for all you have done for our family. We sincerely appreciate it and would recommend your group anytime.


    Kimberly Lamb

    Kimberly Lamb
  • I can’t say thank you enough to your team at Village PM.  Your service has been excellent.

    Thanks again.


  • Hi Marissa and Christy,


    I want to thank both of you for the wonderful job you have done over the years in taking care of my property. I am in the process of refinancing and the appraisal came back much higher than I expected. I know this has a lot to do with how well you advised me on the repairs that were needed two years ago. Also, the pictures that were attached to the appraisal show how nicely the current tenants are keeping the house. Please extend my appreciation to them as well.


    I look forward to many more years of involvement with you and my tenants.




    Carla Boy

    Carla Boy
  • Hooray!!! Thanks for making it happen Christy – I truly value and appreciate all you do!

    Cj Dickson
  • Whatever steps had to be taken to get us a new oven/stove, I greatly appreciate it! You have no idea how much easier it has made life. It has cut the cooking times in half, the cooktop is level, and the smoke alarm no longer goes off every time we turn the oven on. You just have no idea how much of a difference this makes.


    Again, thank you.

    JC Johnson
  • Thank you so much, as always, for being on top of maintenance issues. I think I’ve mentioned this before, but y’all are by leaps and bounds the most responsive and friendly property managers I’ve ever encountered – I really appreciate it.

    Matt Cutle
  • Appreciate the job you and the Village team did managing the property for me. You made it easy!

    Alan Willett
  • I must note again that I sincerely appreciate your excellent service – in my
    experience, you’re unique in real estate.

    Greg DePriest
  • Hi Alan, Christy, Marissa and Cyrus,

    Just wanted to say thank you for the support in getting the A/C unit replaced so promptly. I really appreciate it, and Alan, many thanks for the work you put into de-installing the old one and installing the new one!


    Michelle Mandico
  • Goooood morning!!!

    I just wanted to say thank you for all your help in getting my new home. Layla is loving her own yard and I couldn’t be happier with the house! The entire experience has been wonderful and I am looking forward to many years in my new home. Thank you, Casey, you have been a blessing.

    Mike Lonteen
  • Hi Marissa and Christy,

    I just wanted to acknowledge you both on the fantastic job you have done for me. The house looks beautiful and I could not be happier!

    Your professionalism and attention to detail has been exceptional. You have made it so easy for me to be a long distance landlord and I sincerely appreciate both of you.

    Thank you!

    Carla Boy
  • Hi Jenn,

    My boyfriend and I are preparing to move to Nashville from Cocoa, FL and were referred to your company by a friend of a friend. We began working with Marissa (who was most helpful) and she referred us to Casey since we were looking to rent only. Casey has been absolutely amazing throughout the entire process. She has answered all of our questions, promptly, even on weekends. She listened to our ever-changing criteria, adjusted and sent new listings, visited places for us- taking pics and writing reviews with real, candid perspective.

    When you are renting sight unseen having someone like Casey is crucial and we are so grateful! We felt like we were there and that went above and beyond our expectation. So I wanted to take a moment to let you know, because she’s truly an asset.

    Thank you to you and your employees!

    Jessica Liederbach

    Jessica Liederbach
  • Thank you both very much for the wonderful service.

  • Thanks for the communication. You are always top notch and we really appreciate you!

    Allyson Boudreaux
  • Casey, You have no idea how stressed out and how relieved we are! I can’t thank you enough for getting involved and helping out in our “11th hour”! Your professionalism as demonstrated even by this email is greatly appreciated!

  • Very impressed and most grateful to know there are still true service professionals out there : ))

  • Hi Bobbie-

    A few weeks ago a friend of mine referred me a lovely lady who is moving to Nashville for a big Health Care job. She was moving here really fast and needed a rental REALLY fast.

    I was terrified because I really wanted to help her but I am not that great at rentals. I heard from Chari that Casey was fantastic so I referred her to Casey.

    I checked on them a few days later and they had gotten in touch with each other and had plans to look at properties.

    I received and email from my friend and was SO happy. Casey is doing great, my nice lady is happy, I am happy, and I found a mysterious $100 check I was not expecting in my mailbox the other day that said “referral fee.” I didn’t ask questions- I just cashed it. ; )

    I feel great knowing that I can help people find rentals by referring them to our fabulous PM department without worrying.

    Yea!!!! Thanks! We Rock!

    Dee Davis
  • Awesome, thanks again! By the way, you’ve been a great landlord and we really appreciate your responsiveness on the few things that have come up during the course of our stay at the Enclave. Here’s to another year!

    Kevin Tran
  • I recently looked at a Village Real Estate property on Lynnwood Boulevard in Belle Meade. Marissa Watson, who I contacted through the listing on Craigslist, showed me the property last week. I usually don’t go out of my way to write these emails, but Marissa is definitely an exception.

    She responded to my email within minutes and was incredibly polite and professional. It was obvious within the first hour of emailing back and forth that Marissa had an incredible work ethic and drive. But perhaps most impressive was her adorable and vibrant personality which won us over instantly. The house at Lynnwood ended up being too far away from mid-town for us, but I would prefer to work with Marissa in the future and will undoubtedly pass her name on to anyone I know who is looking to rent or buy in Nashville. I asked Marissa for your email address because I felt that she deserved a pat on the back. It’s rare to find an agent who goes out of their way to make the process of renting or buying a property fun and easy. She’s doing a great job!

  • Carol found a great tenant for my downtown condo within two weeks! She is very professional, ethical, and is conscientious about pairing tenants and landlords. She asks the right questions and makes sure that the leasing/move-in process is seamless. I will continue to use Carol for my future property rental needs. My tenant just renewed for another year!

    Tamara Dickson
  • Village Property Management alleviates a lot of the work in managing my Nashville property. They are extremely professional in their reporting. Their online system is user friendly, one is able to check maintenance tickets, owner draws and various other reports with one click. They are very knowledgable in all matters in the industry.

    My manager, Marissa Watson, is high level & has many years of experience, however, she treats my small unit as if its just as important as the rest of her business. She exceeds the standard job description by helping with all kinds of matters in order to keep my unit filled with the right tenant. She also tries to keep my costs down. She is extremely responsive – a very important quality in property management. Marissa is also very fair to the tenant.

    I have been extremely pleased with Village Property Management & would highly recommend them for any owner or tenant.

    Gemma Medile
  • The maintenance crew came by yesterday. Everything is working great now. Thank you both for prompt response.

    Chris Host
  • I appreciate your diligence in working on getting our deposit sent to us. Thanks for your hard work and putting up with me!!!!

    Mary Madden
  • I appreciate you making this transition so smooth. You’re a pro.

    Josh Tillman
  • Over the past few years the real estate market has shifted and home values have fluctuated. The real estate business is about being the best resource we can for our clients and providing them with the highest and best service to achieve their goals. Today, more than ever before, that means sometimes advising a client to lease their property rather than sell it.

    As a Realtor I feel very fortunate to have a Property Management specialist that I can always refer my clients to: Carol Gammill Rice of Village Property Management. Time and time again Carol has responded to my call for assistance quickly and capably. In a difficult situation where I really can’t be of service Carol is always there to take care of my clients when leasing is the right answer for them.

    John Brennan
  • Marissa, thank you for your hard work—a year lease is awesome!

    Julie Atherton
  • We wanted to stop and say thank you for sending Dean Davis to our home. We wanted to let you know that he has done an exceptional job with the weather stripping on both our front and back doors. He also did a terrific job on sealing the living room window. There is a significant temperature change in our home already. The heater is not running constantly any more and we have not had to use our space heater.

    He is a very nice man and seemed genuinely concerned about our comfort and we just wanted to praise him for all of us his hard work and concern.

    Thomas & Madeline
  • You are so cool Christy Ikner. Thank you! I like your style.

  • Carol Rice has provided exceptional service for my wife and I and helped us successfully rent two properties, with little or no landlord frustration. Carol and her team did all the legwork – advertising, interviewing, paperwork, rent collecting, repair notification – all the difficult tasks. Carol is such a professional, yet so personable—so easy to talk to, quick to respond, and eager to help resolve any problem. We are so appreciative of her services and highly recommend her for your consideration.

    Charlie Moore
  • Again, I wish to thank both you and Christy we’ve been outstanding and I’m going to recommend you all to all my friends in Nashville!

    Heath Starkweather
  • When my medical training ended, I took a job in Houston. Unfortunately, the housing market was still down, and we had to leave Nashville without selling our townhome. Our realtor recommended Carol Gammill and Village Property Management, and we couldn’t be more happy with the results. Carol keeps us updated on the property, taking care of any problems that come up along the way. Trying to rent our property in Nashville while living in Houston could have been a huge disaster, but Carol has made it painless. I would highly recommend her to others.

    Patrick Jones
  • Christy, I thought you would like to hear this. The gentleman that came to replace the fridge part said so many nice things about you. He said that you send a lot of work their way and that you are the nicest person. I told him we have had many trials and tribulations with this house, but that you are the saving grace. If someone said something sweet about me, I would want to know, so I thought I would pass it along.

    Madeleine Donovan
  • Yay! I’m so excited. I really want to tell you how awesome you have been! All the places I’ve looked…some people are REAL mysterious…so its really awesome how great and communicative you have been with me in the process. It has made the “1st time living alone” process less scary. Thank you so much!

    Mary Stanley

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