Association management doesn’t have to fit into one standard mold even if the same administrative services are accomplished. The association management division of Village PM was not born out of necessity but rather demand for a management company that offers more than a commitment to meet the minimum requirements of corporate formalities that all associations must follow.

Village PM’s management strategy is fundamentally founded in technology, education, and client services. Access to HOA documents and payment of HOA dues are accomplished with ease through the user-friendly Village PM website portal. Village PM’s managers work not only to answer homeowner and Association Board questions but to educate both parties as to their rolls played and rights held by each. Most importantly, the property managers at Village PM have a commitment to being approachable and accessible. We believe that effective communication is a must in serving as your association manager and welcome the opportunity to answer any questions you have.

What Village PM offers is the same administrative and financial services that many other association management companies in the middle Tennessee area can offer. The difference in Village PM is how we accomplish these services. In our mind it’s all about communication, transparency, and an understanding that each association is as unique as the members that make it up. Prompt and competent customer service is priority number one and those principles are what we are building our association management company around.


HOA Services





From online assessment collection to annual budget preparation, Village PM can handle all of your accounting needs professionally and accurately.


We will organize and facilitate community meetings, implement Board decisions, and just about anything else the community needs to run smoothly.

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Village PM will work with your Association to select and contract with vendors that complete common area maintenance both on a regular and as-needed basis.