As we enter the warmer summer months, we wanted to remind you of a few policies and procedures important to your property’s maintenance. It is our utmost priority that your property is protected and that you and your tenants are satisfied.

1. Any non-emergent issues this summer will be handled within 14 business days of the initial request.
2. For non-emergent issues costing less than $400 such as appliances, plumbing fixtures, garage doors, and gates, we will order the service and send you a confirmation email.
3. As a reminder, we ask for up to 7 business days to process non-emergent jobs requiring estimates.
4. Emergency requests include: air conditioning problems when outside temperatures exceed 80 degrees, electrical issues, and potential fire hazards. These items will be dispatched immediately upon notification.
5. Important Note: We will always try to work with home warranty companies or with your requested preferred vendor, but ultimately we will dispatch using our best judgment regarding the severity of the situation.

Due to an increase in maintenance requests in recent months and a shortage in Nashville’s construction workforce, we have experienced a slight project backlog. To help expedite requests, Village Property Management continues to screen new vendors on an ongoing basis and have brought on more independent contractors to help service our properties.

We appreciate your patience. Our personal commitment to you is to provide quality, customized service that meets your needs and wants. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.